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Hard Fizz drops new retro flavour, Lychee and Apple

Hard Fizz is dropping a nod to the lychee flavoured cocktails of the nineties with their new Lychee and Apple flavour, the brand's fifth flavour is now available nationwide.

Hard FIZZ CEO Wade Tiller says Lychee and Apple has been in the works for a while.

“Our other flavours have a very tropical taste to them but we always wanted to play around with some pome fruit and this is the result,” he says, proudly
“It complements our range and gives the consumer an option.

“I’m just old enough to remember the original lychee fad so it’s a bit of a throwback for me, personally.”

The Lychee and Apple have been available at the brand’s Gold Coast brewery since November and has already sold around 600 litres and has become easily the highest seller.

“You can’t argue with that,” Tiller laughs.

“That’s the beauty of our brewery – we can in fact test our new flavours to see if they’re worth putting into production and Lychee and Apple is a great example of that.”

The new flavour is now ranged in Liquor Legends, Bottlemart and Cellarbrations outlets around the country.

“There’s absolutely nothing on the market like it,” Hard FIZZ head brewer, Paul Wootton, says.

“I love experimenting with the flavours.
“It’s a bit of trial and error but we’ve definitely hit the mark with Lychee and Apple.”

Hard Fizz drops new retro flavour,  Lychee and Apple